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October 04, 2022

Do you love coffee? Do you hate waste? If you answered yes to both those questions, then this post is for you! Keep reading to learn about 30 of the best ways to recycle your coffee grounds.

  1. Add Them to Your Compost Pile
  2. Make a Facial Scrub 
  3. Use Them as Mulch 
  4. Make homemade Vanilla Extract 
  5. Clean Your fireplace or barbecue grill 
  6. Exfoliate Your Skin 
  7. Get Rid of Fungus Gnats in Houseplants 
  8. Absorb Odors 
  9. Polish Wood Furniture 
  10. Use as a Natural dye  
  11. De-Skunk Your Dog 
  12. Cat repellent   
  13. Keep Mice Out of Your Home 
  14. Make a Non-Toxic Cleaner  
  15. Grow Mushrooms 
  16. Feed Them to Chickens or Pigs
  17. Antifungal Treatment for Plants 
  18. Fill Tiki Torches
  19. Get Rid of Garden Pests
  20. Make Spider Repellent
  21. Clean Grease Stains
  22. Unclog a Drain
  23. Make Fabric Softener
  24. Fertilize Acid-Loving Plants
  25. Freshen Up Upholstery
  26. Raise Worms for Fishing Bait
  27. Create Herbal Vinegar
  28. Get Rid of Fruit Flies
  29. Repel Insects in the Garden
  30. Keep Cut Flowers Fresh Longer 

With all these great ideas, there's no excuse for throwing away your coffee grounds! So, get recycling and put those used grounds to good use!

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