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About Us

Welcome to recyco products!

Welcome to recyco products, home of sustainable products made with used coffee grounds. Millions of tons of used coffee grounds are sent to landfills every year, so in the fall of 2012 I decided to do something about the waste. In a coffee shop in Portland Oregon I came up with an idea that led to the creation of ChampFire, a 100% eco-friendly firestarter made almost entirely from used coffee grounds. Over 95% of the solids in ChampFire are used coffee grounds. Since that time, I have worked towards perfecting the manufacturing technology that we currently use to produce products for many other applications.

Thank you for visiting our website.
Craig Johnson, Founder of recyco products.

To quote Mo Rocca, host of TV’s Innovation Nation, “Dream big, and don’t quit.”

Mission Statement

To provide consumers great products using sustainable ingredients and cleaner production technology.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to change waste products from refuse to a resource.

We are fully committed to reducing the ecological footprint of the recycled products industry.